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KCR Kit flex banner and poster - KCR Kit Scheme in Telangana for Pregnant Women & New Born


Focussing on women welfare and new born, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has come out with an innovative scheme – KCR Kit.

The scheme is designed to address complications during the time of pregnancy and aimed at reducing infant mortality rate and encourage institutional deliveries.
The KCR Kit consists of 16 essential things needed for a new-born and will be useful for up to three months.
The kit comes packed with soaps useful for mother and child, baby oil, baby bed, mosquito net, dresses, sarees, hand bag, towels and napkins, powder, diapers, shampoo and toys for the kid.

The government proposes to earmark ₹605 crore for the scheme, State Finance Minister Etela Rajender said during the budget speech.
The State has initiated a number of measures for the welfare of women and children. In order to provide nutritious food to pregnant and lactating women and infants under Arogya Lakshmi, eggs, milk and nutritious food will be made available through the Anganwadis. For easy digestion, ‘Sanna Biyyam’ (fine rice) will be supplied through these Anganwadis.
The State proposes to compensate pregnant women for the loss of income during the pregnancy period (where women tend to work) and offer 4,000 in assistance and another 4,000 after discharge from hospital. And at the time of vaccination, 4,000 will be provided taking the total assistance to 12,000 to women undergoing institutional delivery. And to cap it all, in the case of delivery of a baby girl, the mother gets additional 1,000.

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